foodtruck-beforefestWhen AMEX was busy giving ‘front of the line’ access to Dine Out 2013 menus, T was busy putting ‘food truck festival’ into his work calendar. A week before it began, we went for a pre-festival lunch visit to Falso Philly Cheese Steak & So What Bubble Tea Drink and Pig on the Street. Working downtown has its perks…

T’s choices: Kimchi Kalbi Steak at Falso Philly Cheese Steak and Southern Piggy at Pig on the Street.

Falso Philly Cheese Steak & So What Bubble Tea Drink: Is the longest name for a food truck or what. The guy working behind the grill AND the till at Falso Philly Cheese Steak looks YOUNG. I read online one of the owners is 19. Is this actually true? And if so, what am I doing with my life.

Kimchi Kalbi Steak: The idea is genius and the taste is pretty good. The hot dog bun doesn’t really do it for me. T said he was a bit disappointed as he had walked by their food truck for days before trying it.

Pig on the Street: I love bacon so naturally I think this is the best idea ever for a food truck (van). I wonder what the van smells like in the morning. In unrelated food observations, I was a bit confused when I saw a dog in the van during Street Food City. The poor dog, taunted by bacon all day!

Southern Piggy: Like a BBQ blasted bacon cheese wrap with arugula. This is delicious. My suggestion was the Piggy Blues (blue cheese with bacon, hello!!) but unfortunately they were sold out! Good for them, bad for me.

THEN. Wednesday, the first day of the festival arrived. We rushed up to the Art Gallery on our lunch breaks. T went to Re-up BBQ for a pulled pork sandwich while I ventured into (likely the longest line at) Naan Kebab for a Tandoori Naan.

I couldn’t believe T hadn’t already tried the pulled pork at Re-up BBQ, since it’s really one of the first trucks I remember in Vancouver. Which explains why the wait time wasn’t as long! He went on to compare it to the Chicken Sandwich at the La Brasserie food truck, which I know is one of his all time favourites.

For me, the wait at Naan Kebab was a bit long. It was an OK day so the real pain was that I didn’t have very much time left in my one hour lunch break to eat. It does seem like the food is made to order and with loads of love. The Tandoori Naan was so yummy! Their urban spoon ranking should be WAY higher.

T spend his next few lunch hours and even Saturday back at the festival, naming the Art Gallery ‘Food Truck Island’ for the rest of the week. Even I got a bit excited and forgot to snap a picture of the crowd.


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